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  • Jun, 2024
    • Jun 17, 2024
      Another small update as I work towards Anthrocon. The portfolios and fanzine sections have some updates. Hopefully a few more updates before Anthrocon.
    • Jun 13, 2024
      managed to do a little updating, the Genus comics are all updated. Remember if you want anything you have a week as the website will be on hiatus from June 20 to July 13 for Anthrocon show and subsequent inventory.
  • May, 2024
    • May 9, 2024
      It has been a while since the last update. I am still here but between orders and health I have fallen quite a bit behind. I have a whole lot of things to add to catalog, not just dojins but comics, fanzines, prints, original artwork, cd's and a lot more. It's going to take a while and I probably wo
  • Dec, 2023
    • Dec 12, 2023
      just added another small batch of Pokemon to the new arrival section, you can find them here now a small break from updating to work on a tags term page
    • Dec 7, 2023
      Some Pokemon updates this time with more to come. find them in
    • Dec 5, 2023
      We will be having a Christmas sale starting now through December 26. Use the code christmas2023 for 15% off your total order
    • Dec 2, 2023
      new additions include in the Renamon/Digimon, Ore no Fuyu, Sonic, Star Parlor/Foxy Rena sections. Pokemon is next.
  • Nov, 2023
    • Nov 30, 2023
      A couple of more sections updated to end the month of November. you can find new items in the following sections: Noraya, My Little Pony, Team Shuffle/Trump, 9 animals, Smile precure/Wolflun and more. use the new additions link
    • Nov 28, 2023
      more updates today with additions in the Renamon/Digimon, Krystal/Star Fox, Zootopia, Toriel/Undertale, and Sindoll sections
    • Nov 27, 2023
      use code cybermonday23 at checkout to receive 10% off your total purchase good on Monday Nov 27 2023
News: 110 of 22