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Heat 7

Heat 7


     Heat, Sofawolf Press’s erotic fiction/graphic arts magazine sets a new level of quality and variety of content in adult-only anthropomorphic magazines. Featuring a mix of short fiction, comics, poetry, and assorted graphic arts pieces intended to evoke a sense of passion and romance. 

By a Nose, a story by Tony Greyfox, illustrated by Yuki, is an action-packed tale of love, betrayal and controlled substances in the noisy and odor-filled desert city of Las Vegas. 

A Werewolf's Last Warning, a poem by Wu Wei, illustrated by SOLIDASP, reminds the unwary traveler that hungry beasts roam the forests. 

The Day I Met You, a comic by Corgi, tells the story of a chance meeting between two strangers who are thankfully not lactose intolerant! 

One Night is a story by Faora Meridian, illustrated by Dark Natasha, in which forbidden (or at least very, very inconvenient) love blossoms between a young otter and the nomadic wolf who saved his life.

The One That Got Away is a comic by Adam Wan describing a very different encounter between a very different otter and wolf than in the previous story! 

A Taste of the Wild, a story by Kandrel, illustrated by Negger, finds a fox seeking love-for-hire in an encounter that has surprises in store for both involved (not to mention the people staying at the same hotel). 

Odd Coupling is a comic by Rukis illustrating a fantastical forest encounter between two unlikely mythical partners. 

Dickinsonian is a poem written by Whyte Yoté in the style of a famous poet (go on, guess who), illustrated by Dragondrawer. Sometimes, being a fox is the only excuse you need. 

Code Drop is a story by Tempe O'Kun, illustrated by Jailbird, in which a career-driven jackal meets up with a distinctly not-career-driven pup who nevertheless manages to not only save the day when her career is on the line, but also wriggle into the carefully-guarded recesses of her heart. 

Virtual funding for this issue comes from advertisements for underwear and inter-stellar travel companions. You take your pick! Products and services envisioned by Greenmonkey and Foxer. 

Cover by Talenshi. 
Back cover by Yuki.    


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