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  • "A Prophet Without Honor" – by Gary Akins

    Allan Connell is sent to check out a phony prophet... and finds an all-too-real corpse on the altar!


    • $10.00

    Fangs of K'aath Hardcover 



    • $20.00
  • "The Widow Who Didn't Weep" – by Gary Akins

    An ice-cold widow, a red-hot mistress, and the dead man neither mourns lure Detective Connell into an explosive ménage à trois... of greed, sex, and murder!



    • $10.00
  • "Who Killed Kathleen Gingers?" – by Gary Akins


    The luscious young mouse made an Oscar-winning corpse... until her killer realized he'd cast the wrong girl for the part!


    • $10.00