12-23-2020  just added a Sale page with dozens of items 20-50% off  https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=130  


12-22-2020  Merry Christmas everyone added 33 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


11-29-2020  added 47 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


10-18-2020  added 18 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


10-11-2020  added 17 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


09-07-2020  added 27 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


09-06-2020   its been 3 months without an update which is too long. The reason for this was that myself and the store have moved to a new physical location and it took much longer to accomplish than I thought.

but now look for updates to slowly resume as we begin to get new items in.


06-06-2020  added 15 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


05-24-2020  added 17 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


05-17-2020  added 

Skunkworks vol 1&2 limited edition TPB  to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=19 


05-17-2020  added 18 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


04-22-2020  added 15 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


04-12-2020  added 14 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


04-04-2020  added 8 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


03-22-2020  added 10 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


03-21-2020  added 20 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


02-23-2020  added 7 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


02-09-2020  added 13 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96


12-13-2019  added 10 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96 


12-05-2019  added 16 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96 


10-19-2019  added 10 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cart.php?target=category&category_id=96 


09-21-2019  added 17 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


09-20-2019  added 15 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


08-25-2019  added 35 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


06-24-2019  added 25 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


06-14-2019  added 16 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


06-09-2019  added 7 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


05-19-2019  added 25 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


04-27-2019  added 27 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


04-13-2019  added 25 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


03-10-2019  added 8 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


02-27-2019  added 25 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


02-20-2019  moved 150 dojins from new additions to adult section in preparation for new incoming dojins


02-03-2019  added 35 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


01-27-2019  added 30 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


12-31-2018  added 30 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


12-28-2018  added 35 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


12-01-2018  added 20 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 

and 1 cd to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/i-do-not-get-wet.html 

11-25-2018  added 23 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


10-13-2018  added 12 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


10-07-2018  added 20 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


09-16-2018  added 14 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


08-26-2018  added 50 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


08-18-2018  added 28 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


07-31-18  We are officially working correctly now,the bug was found in the programming and fixed. The shipping is now working and orders can be processed.Keep an eye out for updates soon as I will be adding new dojins soon


07-21-18  We are back on line sort of.we are working on getting the shipping module working so that normal ordering can commence.

We needed to move to a new server as the store outstripped the resources of the old server,now with the move some things are not quite working right but we are working hard to have them fixed.please contact us with any questions about shipping.


06-26-2018 We will be closing the store from June 29th to July 15th for the Anthrocon convention and post convention inventory.Now is your last chance to order before we go to the show.we also have pick up at the show for those who are going to Anthrocon and want to have items saved for them.simply contact us with what you would like and your contact information and then see us at tables M06-M07 in the dealers den.


06-23-2018  added 10 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


06-02-2018  Anthrocon is only a month away,for those who are going we hope to see you there.We will be at tables M06-M07 with lots of Japanese dojins and a large collection of early era furry fanzines and portfolios,all at sale price. That being said,the Windshears Wares website will be closed from June 29th to July 8th for the show and subsequent post con inventory so if there is something you want make sure you order it before then.
Also if you are going to the show and want to save money on shipping email us a list of items you would like and we will hold it for you to pick up at the show.


05-27-2018  added 23 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


05-20-2018  added 29 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


05-19-2018  moved 100 dojins from the new additions to the adult dojin section in preparation for more new dojins to be added


04-28-2018  added 27 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


04-21-2018  added 34 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


04-07-2018  added 30 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions   also restocked some Genus and Genus Male titles in the adult comic section


04-03-2018  added 20 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


04-01-2018  added 13 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


03-31-2018  moved 100 dojins from the new additions to the adult dojin section in preparation for more new dojins to be added


03-02-2018  added 17 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


02-24-2018  added 26 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


02-17-2018  added 13 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


02-10-2018  added 25 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


02-03-2018  added 17 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


01-28-2018  added 55 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


01-01-2018  added 26 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


12-24-2017  added 23 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


12-03-2017  added over 100 comics to PG and Adult comic sections plus added a dozen new items to the collected edition and TPB catagory


12-02-2017  added 25 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


11-18-2017  added 13 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


11-05-2017  added 39 dojins to https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions  and one to PG new additions https://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/pg-newest-additions 


10-15-2017  added 12 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


10-09-2017  added 20 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


09-08-2017  added 11 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


08-13-2017  added 16 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


07-08-2017 We have completed inventory and are open again


06-10-2017 updated front page to reflect our 2 week closure from June 24 to July 8 for the Anthrocon convention and post-Anthrocon inventory


05-30-2017  added 20 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


05-23-2017  Special sale--all prints marked down to $1 each


04-15-2017  added 25 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


04-08-2017  added 21 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


03-25-2017  added 20 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions  and restocked some previously out of stock dojins


03-17-2017  added 19 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions  and restocked some previously out of stock dojins


02-26-2017  added over 100 fanzines to the adult fanzine section.

this update marks over 3000 items available for sale on this site


01-17-2017  added 30 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


01-15-2017  added 21 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


12-05-2016  added 17 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


11-11-2016  added 16 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


11-06-2016  added 13 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions  and restocked some formerly sold out dojins


10-08-2016  added 75 dojins to the sale and discounted page  http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/sale-and-discounted/adult 


10-02-2016  added 25 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions  and restocked some formerly sold out dojins


09-17-2016  added 25 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


09-16-2016  added 45 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


07-10-2016  Inventory went faster than expected so the store is now live again


06-05-2016  updated front page to reflect period of time we will be closed for Anthrocon,from June 22 to July 13


05-10-2016  started a sale and discounted items page


05-08-2016  updated the adult comics section


04-16-2016  added 22 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


04-15-2016  added 60 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


04-10-2016  added 40 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


04-3-2016  updated cd's including rare set of Dr.Comet Kemono Island cds.

It has been a while since I have updated,the reason being that I have a neck injury and it will require surgery.I will be down for several months after that so I hope to update more then


01-30-2016  updated Portfolios with 15 portfolios in adult and pg


01-30-2016  updated prints--Terrie Smith,Steve Martin,Max Blackrabbit,Marc Leonhardt,Jay Naylor,James Donaldson,Eric Schwartz,EbonyLeopard,Karno,Duo,Fossil,Ashtoreth,Ken Sample and Misc adult prints.


01-27-2016  re-stocked cd's to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cd-art-collections/adult-1


01-25-2016  updated prints--Michele Light,Mel Burt,Nightcat,Max Blackrabbit,Sara,Kierstal,Joe Ny,Malachi and more


01-24-2016  updated prints--Den,Midnight Sands,Zephery,Jack Cavanaugh,Brian O'Connell,Dark Natasha,Wolf Kidd and more


01-15-2016  added 15 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


01-08-2016  added 35 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


01-04-2016  added 43 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


01-03-16  moved 100 dojins from new additions to adult catagory


12-28-2015  re-stocked and added cd's to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cd-art-collections/adult-1 


12-19-2015  added 15 cd's to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/cd-art-collections/adult-1 


12-08-2015  added 20 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


12-07-2015  added 25 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


12-06-2015  added 25 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


12-05-2015  added 25 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


11-10-2015  added 10 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


10-25-2015  updated prints--EbonyLeopard,Jace,Sara,SHON,Terrie Smith,and Wookie


10-23-2015  added 66 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


10-18-2015  added 43 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/pg-newest-additions


10-18-2015  added 23 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions


9-01-2015  added 13 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions

8-29-2015  added 45 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 

8-27-2015  added 20 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


8-25-2015  moved 100 dojins to  to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/adult 


8-15-2015  added 9 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/pg-newest-additions 


8-08-2015  added 34 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


8-02-2015  added 21 dojins to http://www.windshearswares.com/xcart/japanese-dojins/new-additions 


8-01-2015  after crashing website during a software update we are back online and presently updating the inventory.