We will be at Anthroconline 2021 in VRchat. from July 2-4 


In lieu of an in-person Dealers Room, this year our Dealers will be showcased in a Virtual Reality Dealers Room (VRDR), hosted in VRChat.

Whether you have a VR headset or just a regular computer, you can visit the VRDR and see all the virtual booths advertising our featured dealers for 2021. During the course of AnthrocOnline 2021, we plan to hold scheduled meetups, where any dealers with a VRChat presence will be invited to make an appearance and meet up with attendees for live conversations.



 a sampling of our stock can be seen at  conventions at the M&T Comics table:

Mephit Fur Meet (usually just called “MFM”)  September 3rd-5th, 2021 · Memphis, TN


stop by M&T's tables to check out a sampling of our dojins in person at those shows and possibly others to come.