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Big Game Hunters cd

Big Game Hunters cd



BIG GAME HUNTERS CD-ROM  by Kjartan KARNO Arnorsson. Giantess lovers rejoice! Features BIG GAME HUNTERS, a full-length (60 pages) wordless comic in which a human women and her tribe of furry females are disappearing one by one. Actually, they've been 'captured' by being reduced to subatomic size and landing on a planet in which the men take them as slaves. It doesn't last - the 'shrinking' wears off and the females gradually grow to world-shattering size and end up back home again, but some of the men got accidentally included in the growth process and now the tables get turned, big time. Also includes a vintage Tina/Savage Squirrel story, and giantess-themed comics originally published in BIG FUNNIES.


 2008    100 images 4-5/8" disc in jewel case  



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