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Feb 18, 2023

This is the first update in 2 months, I am sure people are wondering what has happened. I am just about caught up on sending orders and can finally begin to update the site. As to why this took so long I will explain.

after my last posted update in December in which said I was back on track the train literally fell off the tracks in regards to my health. Just after Christmas I had started to feel unwell and saw my doctor who figured out I had a urinary infection, gave me some antibiotics and sent me home. But things did not go well, in the following week I got worse and ended with a call to 911 and a trip to the hospital where it was discovered that the infection went into my left kidney bad. I spent the first week of January in the hospital and the next week trying to recover. 10 days after leaving the hospital I started to get bad pains in my right side. Another trip to the hospital saw that I now had the infection in my right kidney. After more time in the hospital and probably 30 bags of intravenous antibiotics I got out again but this time with a 21 day supply of strong antibiotic pills. I just finished the last pill yesterday and I am hoping it finished off this infection.

As you can see the website itself has been updated, something I was forced to do earlier than planned. You will see there are and will be a number of changes including this news message system and I am sure you will notice more as you browse the site. I will also be able to finally update the site with the 1000 new dojins that have been piling up while I was out sick. Remember to keep coming back to check for updates or sign up for our newsletter to be informed of when updates are done along with other news and specials.